The history of the Tashkentvino Combine begins in 1867, when an entrepreneur of the Imperial Court of Russia, a merchant of the first guild, Ivan Andreevich Pervushin, who arrived in our region, built a distillery on the banks of the Salar Canal and laid the foundation for winemaking on an industrial scale.
In a short time, the plant's products become known not only at home, but also abroad. The first high awards, medals and diplomas were received by the plant at the Moscow Polytechnic Exhibition, and later in 1878, Gold and Silver medals were recieved at the International Exhibition in Paris.

To date, the Tashkentvino plant is a modern diversified enterprise, which is a recognized world leader in its industry, producing more than 200 types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products. For more than 150 years, our company has been producing a wide range of high-quality alcoholic beverages, which are recognized worldwide.

The manufactured products, due to their excellent quality, enjoy success in the international market, consistently receiving high marks at international exhibitions, competitions and tastings.